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In this part I would like to share information about the Travel Agents / Tour Operators which I either met, used their services or just exchanged number of emails.

USEFUL WEBSITES AND CONTACTS in Malaysia and Indonesia

TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS in Indonesia / Sulawesi

1. Cempeka Travel
Contact: Mr Lili
Notes: Mr Lili was very helpful when I requested information about Sulawesi, travel around and booking the flights. He was always ready to help and answer all of my questions. He booked all the flights for us from Lion Air, Express Air, Merpati and if needed others too. He arranged safe payment method (via paypal) and issued us the tickets the very next day. Each time I had tickets in the PDF in my email.
TRIPS: They can organize trips all over Sulawesi as well as in Bali, Raja Ampat and Papua, Lombok and Flores. The prices of the trips depends on the number of tourists in the group and the accommodation type (hostels or hotels)
LANGUAGES: English, French, Indonesian, French, Italian, Gemran and Japanese (however, in places such as South East Sulawesi and Wakatobi , there are guides that speak only English)
TRANSPORT: they can arrange transport for tourists but the driver speaks only Indonesian
FLIGHTS RESERVATIONS: yes, with no extra commissions (except Air Asia and Merpati airlines they add up 20.000 Rp per ticket)
PAYMENTS: bank transfer and PayPal secure system. 80 % of their customers choose to pay with the credit cards – they pay for flight tickets, tour packages, dive trips, hotels, car rentals
AIRPORT PICK-UP: yes, they can arrange the pick up from/to the airport (except to Cantral Sulawesi and Gorontalo)

2. Mr Eko Harwanto
Mobile : +628124259136
TRIPS: he can organize trips in every region in Sulawesi – South Sulawesi: Tana Toraja – funeral ceremony, traditional house of tongkonan, mountain panoramas, rice fields. Central Sulawesi: Togian Islands, snorkeling and diving, North Sulawesi: Bunekan Island, vulcano track, endemic animals
LANGUAGES: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, German but in high season from June-August, they offer only English speaking guides.
TRANSPORT: they can arrange transport for turists
FLIGHTS RESERVATIONS: yes, with no extra commissions
PAYMENTS: bank transfer

3. CV Sulawesi Marendeng Tours and Travel
Yakobus Uddu is a tour operator who you can find in Makassar airport at the counter desk at the arrival hall

Citra Sudiang Indah F3 / 09 Makasaar 90242 / South Sulawesi, Indonesia
Yakobus Ambalembang - he is from Tana Toraja
Tel: ( 62) 411 550340
Fax: ( 62) 411 552387
Cell: ( 62) 813 4238 4455
Alternative email address:

Toraja Office:
Jalan Pembangunan no 29 Rantepao
Tel / Fax :( 62) 423 21313

they have one office at the Makassar aiport and another one in Toraja
they arrange trips to Tana Toraja, Bira – from transport, accommodation to cultural events
TRIPS: Cultural tours in Sulawesi, Trekking, Birding tours, Orchide tours, Butterfly / Insect tours, Cycling tours, Diving and Snorkeling (for individuals and the groups). They specialise in Eastern part of Indonesia – Sulawesi, Halmahera, Maluku, Papua, Kalimatan but they can also arrange a stop over in Bali or Java. Prices of the trips depend on the tour conditions – class of accommodation, the number of the turists in the group and lenght of the trip
LANGUAGES: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, German and Japanese
TRANSPORT: they can arrange transport for turists (ac coach) such as a Mini Van (Toyota 4WD, Land cruiser, Micro Bus and Super Bus)
FLIGHTS RESERVATIONS: yes, but only for the customers (need to book a tour) / with no extra commissions
PAYMENTS: Advanced payments for the tour will be requested (minimum of 10% of the total tour cost). They accept Bank Transfers to their bank account in Indonesia. The remaining balance is paid on arrival (either to a tour operator or at the office). To reserve a flight, the full payment must be sent before the eticket is sent.
AIRPORT PICK-UP: yes, Makassar aiport to the hotel in center: 125.000 Rp / one way (by Mini van max 7 people) / Makassar airport to Tana Toraja: 1.100.000 Rp / one way (by Mini van max 7 people)

5. Alvin Tours and Travel
Yonathan – Tour Guide / he is based in the Makassar airport in teh arrival hall

6. WAKATOBI – Hoga Island – Operation Wallacea
if you would like to pre – arrange any accommodation and food in Hoga Island contact Ilu Rubiah on
IMPORTANT: IThe best time to visit the Hoga island is between October and February when it is empty form the students, in March / April – during the Easter holidays it can get pretty busy and therefore there are no tourists in the resort. In June / July / August and September – it is very busy with 200 students around and therefore no possibility of staying in Operation Walacea resort. I would always suggest to contact Ilu and check with her when exactly the resort is students-free.

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