Sunday, 8 July 2012

Makassar - South Sulawesi


Historical sites: Rotterdam Fort, Somba Opu Fort, the tomb of Syech Yusuf, the tomb of Prince Diponegoro, the tomb of Tallo King, Mandala Monument
Natural sites: Losari Beach and Paotere harbor to see traditional Pinisi schooners.
Marine tourism: islets such as Khayangan, Lae-Lae, Samalona, Kodingareng, Barang Lompo, Barang Caddi, and resort areas like Akkarena Beach, Tanjung Bayam Beach and Tanjung Bunga Beach.
Religious tourist destinations, including the old Katangka Mosque, Raya Mosque, Al Markaz Al Islami Mosque and La Galigo Museum.

PLACES OF INTEREST around Makassar

Natural sites: Bantimurung Waterfall, Pattunuang Natural Caves, Bulu Sipong Hill with its caves, Bonto Somba Waterfall, Lerang Pannige, Kuri Beach, and Karaenta Natural Reserve.

Bantimurung Waterfall is a destination in South Sulawesi that tourists should not miss, as it can be reached in an hour's drive from Makassar and a 30-minute drive from Hasanuddin Airport. Situated at the valley of a limestone hill with its fertile tropical vegetation, Bantimurung Waterfall is a government protected natural reserve that houses a beautiful waterfall and 1000 ha of surrounding forest. There are also several caves around the waterfall, which make this area an ideal habitat for many types of butterflies and rare birds.
Bantimurung also has a reservation of rare butterflies. The best time to see butterflies is when the sun appears after a shower, as the butterflies form a riot of color while flying from one shrub to another.

Historical tourism sites: the district has Leang-leang prehistoric park, Leang Akkarrasa Rammang-rammang historic site, Kassi Kebo cemetery, Karaeng Simbang cemetery, Japanese fort, and Karaeng Loe Ripakere traditional houses.

Agro tourism: Maros (eastern from the city of Makassar) also has agro tourism attractions such as the Pucak Safari Garden and various types of typically traditional food.


Sultan Hasanuddin Airport, Makassar/Ujung Pandang (UPG) – Bus Terminal Malengkeri
- The fastest way is going by taxi (cost Rp100.000-Rp.200.000) – 30-40 minutes (toll included)
- The cheapest way is going by public transportation called “Pete-pete”. First, from Sultan Hasanuddin Airport to Bus Terminal Daya using pete-pete (about 1 hour, Rp 5.000), Second, From Terminal Daya (B) to Bus Terminal Malengkeri ( about an half hour, Rp 5.000)
- Take “Pete-pete” from Sultan Hasanuddin Airport to Karebosi in the center of the Makassar (Rp 15.000) – note that it can take over 2 hours since “Pete-pete” doesn’t go on the fast highway


It is extremely difficult to find hotels or hostels in Makassar as they are spread in small side streets. We have seen lots of them on on Jl Sulawesi and Jl Jampea
Makassar cheap hostels: New Legend Hostel: Standard (KingSize - Double Bed) Rp. 125.000,- inc Breakfast
Puntondo Beach in Takalar Regency (1.5 hour form Makassar)
the beach is nice and it has possibilities to snorkel and there are mangroves


  1. Hi Eva,

    I have agree with you, there aren't many sites that can provide information about traveling Indonesia especially in English. Having that said, we have something similar to your blog here. We have a website that provides these info along with our take on it. Not meaning to spam, but here's one of our links about Makassar and Samalona: . There's a few more too and all the way to Toraja.
    I'm sure I'll be contacting you in the future, I'm planning to see Bantimurung, Ramang-ramang, Bulukumba, Selayar, Bira, and many more. Aaaakkk there's so much to see!!!

    So what do you think of Sulawesi?

  2. Hey, Thank you for sharing your blog with me! Amazing pictures!! I really loved Sulawesi and I am hoping one day to come back to Indonesia and travel all around! People are nice, I like Bahasa (I learned some basic), the beaches are amazing, diving is stunning, food is delicious and it is always warm:) I see that you want to come to Europe...if you need any info just let me know as I have lots on many EU countries:)
    Happy and safe traveling:)

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